Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Nothing makes you want to do something more than being told not to, right? Trust me when I tell you, though, that there is some simple advice you’d really want to follow. For example, things to never, EVER Google. All of this started, as most things do, on a Reddit thread which listed seemingly safe things to google that were actually totally scarring. How’s your gag reflex? Walk down this path with us at your own risk as we highlight the Top Ten Things You Should Never Google.

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  1. I’m not gonna Google 2 girls and a cup. Or blue waffle. But a few of you mentioned it here. Why don’t ya just tell me to see if I wanna Google it ??? This way if it sounds too gross then I’ll just avoid it… duh. If not gonna say then I won’t lose sleep over it…! Obviously it’s real bad if not mentioned what it is…. rite !!!

  2. I already know the pics from Nikki and her terrible car accident. And the other stuff? Well, I’m afraid I have to google it. Because I’m so damn curious!

  3. Instructions unclear,i accidentally watched a guy getting his limbs cut off and after 1 minute getting decapitated with a machete by some terrorists

  4. The L-Cysteine that wind sup in bread was never, ever, ever human hair. Just because it CAN be made from hair, dosnt mean all of it is. Especially not when it’s cheaper and easier to use alge genetically engineered to produce the same enzyme as a waste product. Go shoot yourself in the foot for the crime of spreading anti-science information and chemophobia.

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