We’ve got some of the best easter eggs from Jordan Peele’s new movie Us! If you came out of the theatre scratching your head more than once, we’ve got you covered! Lupita N’yongo, Winston Duke and Elizabeth Moss all turned in amazing performances to bring this horror movie to life, and some clever references to Michael Jackson, Black Flag and Corey Feldman made this one well thought out movie! What were some of your favorite references in the movie “Us”?

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List rank and entries:
10. “C.H.U.D.” Videotape
9. Down the Rabbit Hole
8. Kitty Cuts Herself
7. Red’s Vocal Chords
6. Next Stop, the Twilight Zone
5. Corey Feldman
4. Black Flag T-Shirts
3, 2 & 1. ???

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  1. The real song that “I got 5 on it” sampled is called
    “why you treat me so bad” by Club Nouveau

    No one have mentions that. The song means more to the movie and foreshadowing when you get rid of the lyrics to “I got 5 on it”

  2. For anyone wondering how Red ( real Ade) followed Adelaide ( Tethered ) throughout the years, I believe that everything the Tethered mimicked was done in place. Just like the Tethered who appeared to be moving on the rollercoaster. Red basically walked in place not following her across the US in the tunnels. Just what I think, idk?

  3. FANALLY someone else noticed the BARELY THERE reference to BLACK FLAG! Black Flag was a late 70s early 80s band with songs like “White Minority” and “Rise Above”. Look up the lyrics. I love this movie

  4. Speaking of Feldman, I’d mention F13 IV since it’s set at a home near the lake and Jason invades at the end.

  5. Somewhere out there Wade Robson after seeing this movie will be like “Shiiiiiiiiiiiit! I can’t seem to take Michael Jackson down! He’s everywhere”.

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