In a game where you can create everything, some features fall through the pipes. For this list we’ll be looking at the Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Mario Maker 2. These tips and tricks will surely boost your SMM2 experience to the next level! Got any levels you designed? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. SJ7-HKJ-RVF

    i made a giant toilet cause mario is a plumber… it’s my second level, my first one was apparently too easy and short, so i tried hard to make a much more challenging and larger level, so hopefully people can play it and give it more attention.

    i’ve never played the first game, so i am learning as i create levels.

  2. cool facts but these ae not scret anyone who played both mario maker likly most of us if you are watching this these ae pretty easyto find out and everyone knew about muilt-player and you can swap your charators

  3. Just gonna go ahead and uhh… leave these hear!

    Lava Surfing. VM4-KPG-VQF

    Midnight Stroll. 8NH-JWH-2WG

    Escape the Ant Farm. PFN-DJW-FSF

    Hope someone plays these!

  4. If you want a challenge, I have 2 levels. Death Approaches: 991-JR1-QCG. And Intruding Koopas Skybase: C61-R6V-1SG. I have a lot more levels uploaded if you want to check them out

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