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Bethesda Softworks has their work cut out for them…These are the features, gameplay elements and improvements we desperately want to have in the next installment of Bethesda’s beloved role playing franchise, the Elder Scrolls. No one knows when it’ll come out, but most people know what they want. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things We Need To See In Elder Scroll VI!

00:31 #10. More Polish
01:25 #9. A Better Story
02:02 #8. Customizable Weapons and Apparel
02:42 #7. Convincing Facial Animations
03:20 #6. More Than One Continent
03:58 #5. More Complex Character Possibilities
04:39 #4. A Silent Protagonist
05:30 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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    • I fink that the next elder scrolls must have a better main storyline with a most imersive missions, i fink that if they add cutscenes to the main quests,side quests the game will be so much better, just look the example of witcher 3, and another thing is no more loading screens for enterable places please, if bethesda change they engine they can fix this, and one last thing is a better otimization port for the current consoles just like the pc versions, because one the biggest problems back in skyrim realase was the worst port for consoles, a lot o bugs,crashes, bugs in missions, lags and frame drops.

  2. What I wish people would understand is yes all this would be amazing to have in the next Elder Scrolls game believe me when I say I should know but you have to understand that this would take ages to make if they were to impliment all this is one elder scrolls game not only that but if you want more than one continent great story lines and side quests customizable crafting and immersive and variety options in crafting and great voice acting I’d recommend Elder Scrolls Online and if you’re not an MMORPG fan Elder Scrolls Online is still great for any gamer that I can think of hell I know a few FPS gamers who have taken a crack at it, I’m not saying this would be great to have in the next elder scrolls game but I’m saying that Bethesda game studios has too much on they’re plate to do this in the short amount of time that everyone is expecting it to be done in they’re already working they’re tails off enough to appease gamers as it is so I’d say they’re doing just a great job already not only that but glitches and flaws are what make a game unique if a video game was absolutely perfect they’red be noting to improve on and if that were the case every video game studio and creator would be making the same things over and over again to keep them perfect. This is all just my opinion of course, reply to this comment if you think the same way I do or if you have different thoughts I’d love to get fellow TES gamers feeeback.

  3. theirs a glitch were you can’t even shoot a bow because the arrow will just flop to the ground it’s really annoying

  4. Oh hell no! Screw your silent protagonists. I love everything about Fallout 4, including the voice acting of the protagonist.

    Don’t like what the character said? Learn how to quicksave.

  5. the reason why elder scrolls VI is taking so long because they need a new engine. but we currently don’t have powerful enough tech for the engine to be able to do, what Bethesda wants it to do

  6. Umm I don’t know what elser scrolls you’ve been playing but every map has had a lot of variety. And I think that would be literally impossible to ask them to make the entire continent in one game. That would be way too big and would take up a massive amount of hard drive. And also think how bad that would be in the long term. If they did the whole continent, where would they set future games? Yes theres Akavir but then that would be it. The elder scrolls would end in only two more games.

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