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These resources might not be around for much longer. Be it tequila, sardines, or even coffee, the world is definitely running out of some important things. WatchMojo counts down the top 10 things the world is running dangerously low on.

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#10. Goat Cheese
#9. Tequila
#8. Sardines
#7. Bacon
#6. Coffee
#5. Honey
#4. Helium
#3, #2, #1???

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  1. they’ve have been saying that oil is running out for years, its a myth. I really cant speak for the rest of the items on this list

  2. The top 10 things this WICKED WORLD is running low on you say???
    1. People who actually TRY to do things God’s way, AKA REAL Christians…
    2. Human Kindness: If someone “panhandles” POLITELY…STOP running them off and arresting them and fining them…people have NEEDS…
    3. Honesty in the media: Message to the Mass media: 100% of democrats are NOT good people, while 100% of all republicans are NOT all evil…John McCain doesn’t COUNT!
    4. Love or even tolerance for Christians, especially REAL Christians who PREACH what the Bible actually says…atheists are WELL tolerated these days…why NOT share the respect?
    5. Talented musicians!!! Justin Bieber??? Katy Perry??? Miley Cyrus??? YUCK!!!
    6. People with a sense of HUMOR…political correctness is KILLING comedy!
    7. Escapes from political discussion: Football players could protest police brutality WITHOUT disrespecting the fans who PAY for the tickets, sport’s related gear, refreshments… just stand quietly if you are NOT feeling the national anthem…just please stand and PLEASE find an appropriate PROTEST FORUM…police brutality MUST be addressed!
    8. Where are the REALLY GREAT TV shows…even the “Walking Dead” has fallen apart!
    9. Men who are PROUD to be men! To each their own, I GUESS…but this world is destroying the REAL MAN concept!
    10. Not enough family farms in the USA anymore! Food quality will IMPROVE when the family farm is allowed again, instead of all these corporate farms…corporate farms are fine… but family farms INSURES quality of food!

  3. Well I’m in MURRICA and my President doesn’t believe in climate change so I don’t believe in climate change. #FAKENEWS

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