Top 10 Things Humanity Should Have Figured Out By Now

Humans have come up with inventions that changed the world and discoveries that altered the course of history – but there are some things anyone has yet to accomplish. Whether it’s curing diseases like AIDS or cancer, proving the existence of aliens, inventing time travel or achieving world peace, there are some extraordinary goals the human race should have realized by now. WatchMojo counts down incredible human accomplishments we have not yet achieved.

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00:43 #10: Make Teleportation Possible
01:36 #9: Prove the Existence of Aliens
02:32 #8: Reanimation
03:30 #7: Prove God’s Existence or Non-Existence
04:31 #6: True Immortality
05:18 #5: Live on Another Planet / Interstellar Travel
06:18 #4: Discover the Cure to HIV/AIDS
07:27 #3, #2 & #1???

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  1. The cure for HIV/ AIDS already exists and has been on record since 1997. It
    was published in Time Magazine and only picked up by a few news
    publications that year during Clinton’s scandals. Unfortunately it was only
    confirmed to work for people of African and Native American descent, hence
    the lack of importance to mass produce.

  2. if the world really wants peace then we’ll have to:

    1. completely prove or disprove the existence of a divine force/entity(s)
    2. put aside personal opinions for the greater good of the planet and it’s
    3. agree to disagree and get along regardless
    4. do all of the above
    5. do none of the above and kill everyone we don’t like

  3. I love the concept of that goosebumps episode of a creature stalking
    campers but I hate that fucking twist ending it has no logical sense like
    what planet is the simulation on

  4. Disproving god is not a thing morons, nor is it a reasonable expectation.
    Those making claims have the burden of proof, and absolutely none has ever
    been produced.

  5. nah alien definitely fuckin exist out there. the military has definitely
    had a long history of experiments with extra terrestrial life.

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