Top 10 Things School Taught You Wrong
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You might’ve learnt it from a teacher or textbook, but that doesn’t necessarily make it true. From the value of writing in cursive, to basically everything about Thanksgiving, to marijuana being a gateway drug, these aren’t exactly the whole story. WatchMojo counts down ten things you were misinformed about in school.
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#10: The Sky is Blue Because of the Ocean (or Vice Versa)
#9: Cursive Matters
#8: Columbus Discovered the Earth Was Round
#7: Almost Everything About Thanksgiving
#6: The Tongue is Made Up of Taste Sections
#5: Marijuana is a Gateway Drug
#4. The “I before E except after C” Rule
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. I actually learned cursive before print. I gotta be among the few that still don’t mind using it (hell, my cursive looks WAY BETTER than my print).

  2. So WHY then don’t we reshape the educational system and make it so that students are NOT driven to the brink of mental illness before even getting to College?

    Let students interests decide, not their ability to perform according to arbitrary rules. Humans tend to be pretty damned capable of learning about things they’re interested in. Assuming that they weren’t first beaten down to an emotional pulp before the real training even started.

    We have 7-year olds in this world whom are afflicted by anxiety disorders due to the stress they meet in society.

  3. I’ve never learned anything 🙁 I too make top 10 videos, and it would be very neat if you checked them out; my most recent video is about frogs!

  4. Of all of these,I only remember learning about one of them,that being the food pyramid. Then again,I can tend to have a shit memory. As for number one,I’m still in High-School (Junior at the time of me writing this) and I don’t think I even have any plans to go to college. Infact,I’ve had a few teachers tell me that I don’t even need a college degree.

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