Son of Sam? More like Son of BLAM! You’ll never guess which moments from this real life crime drama, actually happened, in REAL LIFE! With the new season of Mindhunter now streaming, we are looking at the craziest things from Mindhunter that actually happened. What’s your favorite part of the new season? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. “The reason? There was no talk of him on the news so he didn’t see a point in it and blah blah” is absolutely wrong about why he turned himself in

  2. If you haven’t watched the show yet do it it’s on of the best tv shows I ever seen from directing casting and acting

  3. The killer of atlanta child murder do confrence saying hes innocence exactly the same like muderer here in indonesia who killed with cyanide than after being a suspect she do all press conference station saying she is innocence

  4. This show is still one of the favorites in Netflix ever and it is fascinating about the criminal profiler techniques from FBI and all actors who are played serial killers looks very identical to real life. I am so excited for season 3. I am thinking about what’s next investigation for next season.

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