Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Well, if you’ve ever wanted to hate your own body, you’re watching the right video! We assume we have a say in what goes in (and comes out) of us, but like most things in life, we have no control! Sometimes Mother Nature or the Cosmos or bad luck or whatever higher power is at work likes to bestow us with unexpected… gifts. If you’ve ever felt something moving about your innards, there’s no need to panic… it may just be any of these top ten horrifying things found living inside people.

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10. Eight Feet of Horror
9. Audible Arachnid
8. The Sternum Spider
7. We’d Prefer Dandruff
6. Pork on the Brain
5. The Colonoscopy Discovery
4. An Eye for Flies
3. Cockroach Exploration
2. Cysticercosis Nightmare
1. Living Incubators

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  1. i thought being bitten near my eye by a cockroach was bad.
    hearing they can crawl in your nose…..
    eeeh nope….
    also bot flies…..


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