Top 10 Things Disney’s Merger With Fox Has Us Excited For
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Disney’s acquisition of Fox properties means that the studio has regained control of several Marvel properties along with a good chunk of Fox’s television division. But what does this mean for the future? WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Things We Want To See Disney do Next! But what will take the top spot on our list? Saving Alien and Predator, X-Men and the Fantastic Four in the MCU, or just some general quality control? Watch to find out!

#10. Fox Properties at Disney World
#9. More Diversity
#8. No Toning Down of Edgier, More Mature Shows
#7. Original “Star Wars” Trilogy on Bluray
#6. Keeping Deadpool RRated
#5. Supporting Small Productions
#4. Hulu Not Turning Into a Disney Network
#3, #2, #1 ?

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  1. I hope Anastasia will be official Disney Princess and since Deadpool likes to break the 4th wall, he could easily come to the MCU.

  2. “Whitewashing is one of the biggest problems in Hollywood” Haha WatchMojo just ignore the sexual harassment accusations

  3. I don’t suppose they’re still filming Deadpool2 and wrapping things up, eh? If so, I’d laugh so f’n hard if they filmed another sexy montage except instead of showing the different times of the year, Vanessa is dressed like different sexy Disney princesses during each section transition.
    If it’s too late, they can save it for Deadpool 3.

  4. Who else is hoping to see Disney fix up the Fantastic Four? Or the possibliilty that X-Men, the 4, or any other characters owned by fox will be added into the MCU? Because I know I am!

  5. You’re REALLY stretching for content if you have to put “Diversity” in a top 10 about the Fox merger

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