Top 10 Things Alita: Battle Angel Did Right
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It’s a movie that’s been dividing critics, but most can agree that it’ll blow people’s minds with it’s outstanding visuals, performances and motion capture technology. Alita: Battle Angel is just the newest film from visionaries Robert Rodrigues and James Cameron, but was it any good?

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List Entries and Rank:
10. The Setting
9. BreakOut Star Rosa Salazar
8. The Score
7. Keeping Us Wanting More
6. The Performances
5. The Villains
4. IMAX 3D
3, 2 & 1. ???

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  1. Personally, I think this movie is better than the critical reviews (and a bit overrated by some I’m sure) give it credit for. I felt Salazar, Waltz, Connelly, Skrein and Ali nailed their roles. Sure, some of the dialogue was bit corny, but I don’t think it overshadowed the overall fun of the movie. A lot of great scenes recreated (and some missing from the trailers). Hopefully, it will make enough to continue the saga.

  2. Being honest I feel the movie was a mess… some things were way too predictable and the pacing of the story was all over the place . I really think the manga was better

  3. I don’t see many of the points this list mentioned, good acting? Waltz with all his charisma was just meh, the Vector villain is watching Cottonmouth from Luke Cage again combined with the ineptitude of 80s villains, you have failed me, but I am going to send you again and again… and again. The love story was so bad it make you cringe whenever you saw them.. the story leaves all the questions without any profound implications..

  4. I must say. I had almost no expectations. Anime/manga turned into Western movie? Not one of them succeeded. Not one. So of course, I wasn’t going to see it.

    Now, Gunnm is one of the best mangas I’ve ever read (very solid plot), and it was by James Cameron, so I had some hope (although very VERY small).

    With this review, I will go see it.

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