You definitely don’t want to go outside during an Arabian night. For this list, we’re only looking at creatures specific to the mythology of ancient Arabia and are excluding similar and close-by mythologies like Persian or Greek, unless the creature has connections in a global array of legends. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Arabian Mythical Creatures.

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  1. jinn and qareen are real and we have in morocco forbidden places we do not visited because of the jinn creaturs

  2. As an iraqi person, most of modern arabs still believe in jinn and we can say jinn is their biggest nightmare lol. There are even witches who claim to have a connection jinn and to make them grant wishes.

  3. al kareen and jinn are the same and they are real. not mythical to all muslims. to believe in them is an essential part of the islam faith

  4. Jinns (or Janns) may also lives alongside humans. Albeit their existence is rather intangible. Various supernatural occurrences may be attributed to them. They don’t necessarily grant wishes, but some may serve as a familiar to shamans. Jinns also have their own society and beliefs.

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