Top 10 Teenagers Who Freaked Out After Given A Life Sentence
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Top 10 Convicts Who Freaked Out After Given A Life Sentence-

At the time of the crimes I don’t know what is going through these convicts minds. Are there heads wired differently than the normal person? What gives these convicts the ability to go through with these horrible crimes.

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  1. I think anyone who trys to kill a person should be prepared to die themselves. Sorry for grammatical errors

  2. People say that if you’re under 18 then you shouldn’t be charged as an adult but you made an adult decision so you should be charged as such

  3. The lawyers are legally obligated to defend the person that they are supposed to defend, so they will try and say things that they may not even agree with, but HAVE to go with it because they could get in some serious trouble if they didn’t

  4. Due to the nature of our legal system, everyone is entitled to legal aide. No matter what crime, the lawyer has to try to free their client, even if they don’t believe in what they are saying.

  5. Just to be clear. I am not justifying what they did. I’m just giving the facts that I know.

  6. I feel like there should be no death pently because the people should suffer for the crimes they did

  7. Most of them have some sort of mental problem. Then there are the ones who grew up in an abusive home and just…snap. Then there are the ones who have mental illnesses in their families meaning it carried onto them.

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