Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! The more we explore the farthest reaches of the universe, the more we realize just how weird it can be. Every new planet discovered comes with the potential for bizarre attributes, unique physical features, and alien elements. Of the numerous planets discovered since the advent of the space program, none are as outlandish as the top ten strangest planets chronicled in this Galactic Archive!

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10. PSR B1620-26 b
9. HD 106906 b
8. HAT-P-1
7. CoRoT-7b
6. TrES-4
5. TrES-2b
4. WASP-12b
3. Gliese 504b
2. 55 Cancri e
1. HD 188753 A

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  1. I watched this video with No knowledge of knowing that other planets existed, now I do know that they do exist, but now I’m wondering wth did I just watch? I don’t understand Squat what’s going on. I guess I learned how to not learn when learning was available to be absorbed but only a hole was created.

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