Top 10 Strangest Disney Theories
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Well… we certainly never thought about it THAT way. From Peter Pan as the angel of death to Tamatoa as Ursula, WatchMojo is counting down the strangest and most mind-blowing Disney theories.

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List Entries and Rank:
#10. “Aladdin” Takes Place in a PostApocalyptic Future
#9. Carl Was Dead the Whole Time
#8. Peter Pan Is the Angel of Death
#7. Tamatoa Is… Ursula
#6. Gaston Killed Bambi’s Mother
#5. The Prince Is Death
#4. Dopey & Geppetto Are the Same Person
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. For the Darling kids being dead – that makes no darned sense considering the sequel has Wendy’s daughter in it! Though I can believe that Jane could have possibly died.

  2. bambi mum can’t be killed by the hunter in beauty and the beast because one is at least 18th century and bambi is the 1930 or 1920 that 100 years or more apart

  3. Dear Lord, y’all have had great lists before. And I know this are all crazy theories that are a stretch to believe.. but each and every item on this list is a trash take and I’m mad

  4. 1: aladdin: its been mentioned or at least hinted at in many episodes of the cartoon, and the fact genie can do magic, that he has the ability to travel through time

    2:bambi: bambi is a mule deer, mule deer live in western north america around the rocky mountains, gaston lives in france, and no, its not entirely possibly one of the deer in the pub is bambis mother, they all have horns, ergo, not a doe (a female deer)… and no, before you say it a female deer cannot identify as a male deer and grow horns, thats not how reality works

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