Top 10 Stars Who Go All Out for the 4th of July
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Look at all that red, white, and blue. From Paris Hilton to Christina Aguilera and Hilary Duff, these celebrities sure know how to throw an Independence Day party! WatchMojo is counting down the celebs who really show their pride on the 4th of July.

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#10. Jessica Simpson
#9. Busy Philipps
#8. Paris Hilton
#7. Mariska Hargitay
#6. Vanessa Hudgens
#5. Christina Aguilera
#4. Hilary Duff
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. taylor deserves this #1 and the only reason she didn’t have a party in 2017 was because of the k!mye drama, people were stupid enough to believe them,and the fact the media makes it seem like taylor’s parties are some “exclusive were better than you clun” when in reality its just her friends (famous and non famous), dancers and family. I fear that because of the bullshit taylor may permanently be done with have 4th of july extravaganzas at her home, I hope im wrong.

  2. #5 — Trying to make up for your atrocious rendition of the National Anthem, Christina?

  3. I can see that I’ve made a huge mistake hitting the bell for watch mojo notifications. They do some of the most pointless freaking videos I’ve ever seen

  4. People are saying that the thumbsy if Kristin and Dax proved XT Agi at No.5… I don’t get the joke.

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