Top 10 Songs Of The Week May 20, 2017
Top Songs Of May, 2017
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Intro song made by Matoma check him out here:


  1. Every artist is starting to do songs that sound like a zedd song where 90% of the song is a techno melody or something that just repeats itself

    • Like ari just did quit and the amount of auto tune in that and the fact that 90% of the song isn’t even singing made me hate it

  2. For those people who keep commenting their fucken opinion we don’t care babes we came to watch the vid not read your dumbass comment aight

  3. 10) Ehhh 8
    9) Mhmm 8
    8) Kinda 8
    7)love it 10
    6) Love it?10
    5) ? 7
    4) ☺️ 7
    3) Yeah… 6
    2) Maybe 8
    1) Love it!! 10


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