Top 10 Songs Of The Week May 19, 2018
Top Songs Of May 19, 2018
Top Songs 2018

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Best songs of the week:

Childish Gambino – This Is America
ZAYN – Let Me
Bebe Rexha – Ferrari
Charlie Puth – BOY
Christina Aguilera – Accelerate (Official Video) ft. Ty Dolla $ign, 2 Chainz
Ed Sheeran – Happier (Official Video)
Charlie Puth – The Way I Am [Official Lyric Video]
Anne-Marie – 2002 [Official Lyric Video]
Kiiara – Messy [Official Video]
Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa – One Kiss (Official Video)

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  1. People really like Ed Shitran, Flop Tina, that stupid ass song called America?. Jesus Christ.

  2. 🎶for the rest of my life for the rest of yours for the rest of ours🎶 soo groovy 😍 still wondering why it isn’t in the real top 😞

  3. 10. Pretty decen
    9. Still like this
    8. Not too shabby!
    7. Never liked Christina
    6. Sweet
    5. Meh
    4. Pretty okay
    3. Meh
    2. Groovy as fuck
    1. Good!! This should be number 1!

  4. 10.10/10
    9.8/10 ok
    8.4/10 idk
    7.3/10 idk
    6.9/10 good
    5.3/10 meh
    4.10/10 im happier
    1.💯/10 this is america

  5. 10. 0/10
    9. 0/10
    8. 0/10
    7. 0/10
    6. 0/10
    5. 0/10
    4. 0/10
    3. 0/10
    2. 0/10
    1. 0/10
    This generation of music is honestly embarrassing.

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