Top 10 Songs Of The Week February 16, 2019 according to the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
Top Songs February 16, 2019
Top Songs 2019, Best Songs 2019

A collection of the top 10 best songs of the week in January 19, 2019 in USA according to the official Chart. We do our best to make quality videos that are family friendly and can be enjoyed by all family members including kids and younger audience. If you enjoy our videos please make sure to subscribe.

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  1. Just saying, Happier got to #2 because Marshmello got his fans to stream the song more! And it obviously made one hell of an impact. Happier could be #1 if it is streamed enough! I hope it does, go Marshmello!

  2. 10- 9.8/10
    09- 8.7/10
    08- 7/10
    07- 9.7/10
    06- 8/10
    05- 9/10
    04- 9.8/10
    03- 10/10 ???
    02- 13/10 ???????
    01- 14/10 ????????

  3. #BackstreetBoys
    Best Music Video Of The 2019
    #NoPlace♪ 12.5 million Views in 40 Days!!!

    ・26 Years Together
    ・New Album Number 1 Billboard 200
    ・Sold 140 Million CD
    ・Nominated Grammy 8 Times
    ・Went 60 Countries World Tour
    ・Walk Of Fame Artist
    ・Performing on TV Show Many Times
    ・Loving Charity Works
    ・Still Making Hit Songs
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  4. My thoughts

    10: 1/10 JUST FUCKING LEAVE (surprised it didn’t go up)
    9: 6/10 He has better songs
    8: 7/10 Sounds decent
    7: 7/10 Getting overplayed
    6: 100000/10 GO TO #1!!
    5: 5/10 Overrated
    4: 5/10 One of the worst Post Malone singles but this one is ok
    3: 9/10 I like it, I’m getting tired of it
    2: 5/10 Old and Overplayed, I liked it when it came out (Gained due to Marshmello being in the fortnight game) Alone is better then Happier
    1: 10/10 I LOVE THIS SONG! Good beat and it’s catchy

    Chainsmokers possibly coming back to the Top 10 Next Week??

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