Top 10 Songs Of The Week April 13, 2019 according to the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
Top Songs April, 2019
Top Songs 2019, Best Songs 2019
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A collection of the top 100 best songs of the week in April, 2019 in USA according to the official Chart. We do our best to make quality videos that are family friendly and can be enjoyed by all family members including kids and younger audience. If you enjoy our videos please make sure to subscribe.

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  1. My thoughts

    10. 6/10 Ok
    9. 2/10 LEAVE
    8. 1000/10 AWESOME!!
    7. 7/10 Good beat but I wish she uses her actual voice in this song like Bury a Friend or Lovely
    6. 8/10 Pretty Good!
    5. 7/10 Has become tiring
    4. 5/10 I Like Post Malone songs but this one i kinda really much not a fan
    3. 10/10 Awesome!
    2. 5/10 Please leave! Now Boring
    1. 7/10 Good but Overrated

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