Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! We love our smartphones, sometimes a little too much. We’re fixated on them, treat them like they’re part of the family, we bling them out, celebrate their birthdays… What? I’m sure at least ONE of you does! Anyway, all of that love translates into buying it the finest accessories which means hopping on Amazon and checking out these top ten smartphone accompaniments for under $100!

10. HEX3 AppTag Laser Blaster

9. Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod

8. Screen Magnifier

7. Anti-Gravity Phone Case

6. LG Tone Ultra HBS-810 Bluetooth Headset

5. Ancord Micro Bluetooth TWS System

4. Tile Mate

3. RAVPower FileHub Plus Portable Hard Drive

2. Anker PowerCore 10,000 High-Speed Charger

1. OtterBox Defender Series

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  1. Can’t but laugh….but OMG what a great video. At least one or two of these accessories I think I will buy, Thanks for this video! Have now shared it with my friends on G+. Hope you´ll get many new subscribers from G+.

    • Margaretha Rydberg
      Narrator says: Thanks so much for sharing the vid on G+. Glad you liked it

  2. 1:42 Perfect! I can totally stream (totally legit) sports-related content on my phone now! 😀

  3. Top 10 most useless inventions?
    Top 10 weirdest youtube accounts?
    Top 10 most eco friendly nations?
    Top 10 worst selling movies/books?
    Top 10 weirdest competitions?

    Just some suggestions 😉

    • Also just another to add, top 10 fictional characters that killed the most people or something like that. Top 10 highest death counts in movies/games?

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