Top 10 Small Details in The Big Bang Theory You Never Noticed
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We bet you never noticed these easter eggs and small hidden details in The Big Bang Theory! For this list, we’ll be looking at details and references in the show that are so subtle you probably didn’t even know they were there. Our list includes Blossom references, Sheldon’s YouTube name, the apartment flag, and more. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Small Details in The Big Bang Theory You Never Noticed.

List Rank and Entries:
10. Vanity Cards
9. Blossom References
8. Sheldon’s YouTube Name
7. Amy’s Apartment
6. The Indiana Jones Anomaly
5. The Apartment Flag
4. Penny’s Fridge
3, 2, 1: ???

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  1. Sheldon’s shirt color and their emotional association is the same as the emotional spectrum and their corresponding lantern corps groups in the green lantern franchise, red-rage, orange-avarice or greed, yellow-fear, green-will, blue-hope, indigo-compassion and violet-love. But white indicates life while black is death

  2. 2:13
    That is the uploader! If you look top right side of the screen you can see the Sign in, he isn’t even signed in :/

  3. You don’t need to be just a Marvel fan to recognize Jack “The King” Kirby’s name, dude did a lot of work for DC(the New Gods in particular).

  4. you missed an interesting one, occasionally you can hear a laugh track. This is to make up for the absence of jokes. Really makes me appreciate the hard work they didn’t put into it 🙂

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