Did a character just find redemption? Share an emotional moment? Say “I’ll hold them off”? Prepare for the worst! For this list, we’re looking at clues that foreshadow a character’s impending death. If you see these TV and movie tropes, there’s a good chance it means that a character is about to bite the dust. Which of these signs do YOU find the most ominous? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. That honorable mention should say played by Sean Bean, Michelle Rodriguez, and Leonardo DiCaprio

  2. number two should be
    “clearly depressed”
    it wouldnt be number one because its only majority of the time a depressed character dies.

  3. What about being the character everyone loves in a Joss Whedon film or show aka Wash, Colson, Terra, Spike, Fred, I could go on, or being a parent of a superhero or Disney character.

  4. You forgot about characters that mention they have kids. And people who lose their cool under stress. And black people always die first.

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