Top 10 Sexy Celebrity Women That Are Way Funnier Than You
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These hot female celebrities never fail to make us laugh. From Amy Poehler, to Mila Kunis, to Alison Brie, these funny actresses are the perfect mixture of beauty, brains, and comedic ability. Watchmojo counts down ten sexy celebrity women that are way funnier than you.

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#10: Jenny Slate
#9: Amy Poehler
#8: Mila Kunis
#7: Leslie Mann
#6: Rashida Jones
#5: Tina Fey
#4: Alison Brie
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Emma Stone’s probably only #1 because today’s her birthday. I would’ve just gave her a card with Princess Leia on it.

  2. Alison brie is flat-out gorgeous and hilarious. I watched “sleeping with other people” just last night and absolutely fell in love with her. she’s also great on “glow.”

  3. Firstly the title is insulting, secondly there are only a couple women on this list that are actually sexy (Brie, Stone) and only one genuinely funny (Alison Brie). The rest just come off as weird and obnoxious most of the time or are just not funny.

    As a side note I might add that it’s quite possible that a lot of women do find these people funny. Many of my female friends have commented on these women and how funny they or their shows are but it’s really not something I get. In this sense I think the title should be renamed “top 10 celebrity women that are sexier and funnier than your female friends”.

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