Top 10 Secrets Flight Attendants Don’t Want You to Know
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These tidbits aren’t in the preflight presentation. From the food and water, to the questionable feature that is fragile luggage, and the disgusting secret behind complementary items, don’t watch this if you’re going on vacation anytime soon! WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Secrets Flight Attendants Don’t Want You to Know

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#10. You Can Ask for More Food
#9. “Fragile” Containers Get Tossed Around Like the Rest
#8. Don’t Drink the Water
#7. Complimentary Items Are Reused
#6. Changing Tray Tables
#5. Pilots Downplay Any Problems
#4. Flight Durations Are Inflated
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Don’t drink the water? I’ve never seen water served on a plane that wasn’t poured right out of a bottle.

  2. Tip for your luggage…. Use military duffle bags. I still use my military duffle bags even though I’m not in the military anymore and I’ve noticed they’re treated a lot better than other bags. (I was watching them load the bags onto the plane on one of my flights before. They threw every bag except mine, they placed my bags onto the conveyor belt. I’ve also noticed that TSA doesn’t search my bags either. Not that I have anything to hide.)

  3. So what happens if a plane is scheduled to transport dead bodies or vital organs with its cargo, but the passengers also check a pet in to be transported with them? My understanding is the cargo hold has to be heated if pets are traveling so they don’t end up as dog/cat-sicles, yet the bodies and organs would need to be kept on ice….

  4. I work at an airport. Granted I fuel them but I do know some behind the scene info.
    1)Most of the water comes from bottles (at least at my location)
    2) Most of your planes are actually broken in some way and you don’t know it. If you ever see someone working on a plane. It’s broken

  5. Even more shocking is that airlines overbook flights, plan their schedules so tight so that a plane actually has to take off while it’s landing (causing some flights to be actually cancelled), and some of their employees strike like more than they’re actually working all at the consumer’s costs and with nothing you could do about it ….

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