Top 10 Scuba Divers Caught Freaking Out On Camera
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I’ve never been scuba diving but after watching all of these videos, I’m not sure if i ever will. I know scuba diving can be exhilarating and you can see some pretty cool stuff underwater…but I don’t know if i’m willing to risk my life. What do you guys think? Would you ever want to go scuba diving?

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  1. I have not scuba dive in my life has a kid to now and i have no intention to scuba diving at all and can you guys please do a Oregon urban legend video next on here please oregon has a lot of good urban legends put i can’t think of any right now put Oregon has good one big time and it would make my day if you did oregon urban legend video on here

  2. Clearing your mask is not easy, I struggled with that but learned ways to cope with it.

  3. One time I was boogie boarding and I went to ride a wave and jumped to early and went under and couldn’t figure out which way was up but luckily I was ok

  4. Scuba diving is not easy, I spent 11 hours in a pool and collectively about 16 in the ocean. I stopped because I had anxiety attacks! I’m not saying I would never do it again. It is a great experience and I believe everyone should do it. Scuba diving is a serious things though and should not be messed around with! If you have ever seen BUDS training for a Navy seal then your original Patty diving course seems easy. Let’s just say you need to be very comfortable while breathing on scuba.

  5. I’ve always wanted to get my diving license and I started watching people like DALMDY and Jigging with Jordan. in the things they do also really inspired me to really want to get my diving license

  6. I can’t swim and I’m claustrophobic. I’d freak out and drown as soon as I swim down into the water.

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