Top 10 Scary Windows That Should Never Be Looked Into
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Windows are honestly great they let the natural light in, you can stare out of them on a rainy day feeling melancholy really they’re quite versatile. But they can also show you things you don’t want to see, or on the other end, let other people see you even when you don’t want them too.

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    • I live in the attic of my house and im always hearing and seeing stuff house is over 100 years old

  1. The issue is that our brain is hardcoded to detect faces in everything.
    So it could be something but it could also be nothing. Just looks like a face.

  2. There is zero evidence that ghosts exist. All of these are either made up stories, extremely exaggerated, or can easily be explained.

  3. Never was there a story of more blood and death than this o Mister and Mrs MacBeth

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