Top 10 Scary Wasp Nests That Need To Be Destroyed – Part 2
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Did you hear that? What the heck is that? Are you kidding i’m legit gonna get stung. Ahhhh, just kidding. There is no wasp or hornet in the studio but you guys clearly seem to wish there was judging by how much you loved part 1 of this video. So on that note, here are the Top 10 Scary Wasp Nests That Need To Be Destroyed – Part 2.

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  1. I was the kind of kid to walk up to a wasp nest and round house kick it then beat it with a bat, then eat one of the wasps.

  2. Ya…I have Tripo too. These are a nightmare! They are amazing but oh boy are they cringeworthy. Every Spring I walk throughout my 6 acres to check for wasps nests. You have to stay ahead of these suckers so they don’t get big. Ugh.

  3. After watching a video like this, I always get that creepy crawly feeling, like bugs climbing all over me. Maybe start following bug videos, with the top 10 cuddly puppies, as a palate cleanser.

  4. Soo… what you’re telling me is.. to never move to New Zealand bc I think two or three of the nests on this list were in New Zealand

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