Top 10 Scary Vietnamese Myths
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I don’t know if anyone you have ever played the game of telephone its where you say something into one persons ear and goes around a circle of people until it hits the last person and they say it out loud. Usually it goes in as something nice like have a nice day and comes out as I’ve never loved you, we all know the classic game. Now this is kind of how myths get started, one person tells a story and it gets distorted and changed a little bit by each person who tells it until it hits a most amazing top 10 list. So today we’ve got a list that might be a whole bunch of hogwash thrown threw a game of telephone or maybe they’re real and you should all be afraid. Well if you live in Vietnam you should be afraid, for today’s list of top 10 scary Vietnam myths.

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  1. When my dad was in Vietnam, they had a monkey that was taught to catch snakes. He’d go through the barracks and slap the beds(the monkey, not my dad) and shake out boots searching for that yummy snakey goodness

  2. í lσvє thєѕє ѕσ much, í wαnnα trαvєl αrσund thє wσrld, wє nєєd mσrє σf thєѕє tσp tєnѕ

  3. I wanna make a request Maine urban legends please 🙏❤ I’ve made this request hundreds of times. ✋🙃

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