Top 10 Scary Toy Story 4 Theories
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Toy Story Is actually one of my favorite movies growing up and I absolutely loved Toy Story 4, it felt a lot more modern and it was really funny. I feel like these movies don’t come out often enough. They come out every like 10 years. In 2014 Toy Story 4 was announced so it took years to produce and it actually hit records for the biggest box office weekend for an animation. I am not surprised at all.

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  1. I haveca theorie about,what if woody was possessed? Woody is alive,I mean isn’t that weird? Because once my dolls got possessed one time when i was 7, and now i am 8. So yeah…What if Wody had an EVIL spirit in him???

  2. What if all the toys are possessed by demons? The kids never know they can move, so I feel like it’s plausible

  3. Okay I have a theory just hear me out what if the toys were experiments gone wrong.🤔 For example what if everyone in the town was living near where a nuclear plant exploded years before, and the factory where the toys were made, were built on the remains of the nuclear site. Meaning that there were high levels of radiation in the toy factory which explains how all of the toys in the town are alive🤨…. scary isn’t it?

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