Top 10 Scary Things You Shouldn’t Google Part 2!
Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Why is it that we love looking at things we know we shouldn’t? Well, it seems like the list of things to never Google just keeps growing, as the internet posts more absurd videos and pictures that can scar us forever, or, just make you question everything about what you’re doing with your life. Which is what gives us part two of ten more things you should never Google!

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  1. well luckily I don’t use Google… >:) well, at least not too often nowadays! Thanks for the vid, Jim!

  2. So glad you added that Dwyer was innocent! Alot of other channels only put about his suicide! I was a child when it happened and I can’t remember if I was home sick or day off, but remember seeing it live on the TV and my mom in shock not knowing what to say to me. It was horrible and so sad for his family.

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