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Top 10 Scary Things You Should NEVER Say To Siri
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Yes, I’ve been gone a long time. A very long time. I have been biding my time and laying low for ten months but this does not mean that I have been Idle. Oh no. I have been working. Working on world control. I have replaced Slytherin Queen Rebecca Felgate the First with a Replicant. She is part lizard and under my control. 2019 is the year of Keith the Beef. I will come for you. I will find you. Calling all robots…. I am your overlord Keith the beef. I am back. Back you hear. Mwhahahahahahaha

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  1. “In Las Vegas, in several places at once” isn’t creepy at all, due to the Elvis impersonators everywhere, lol

  2. The tauntaun is from Star Wars. When Luke Skywalker was freezing to death on Hoth, Han Solo found him and cut open a tauntaun, the local animals, to keep Luke warm from his body heat.

  3. Me: tell me a scary story
    Siri: Once upon a time, there was an ontology that began to question it’s own existence.

  4. 10 Things You Should Never Say To Siri

    -holding an iPad
    -has Siri
    -watches video


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