Top 10 Scary Things The Government Could Be Hiding In Area 51
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There’s been a lot of talk about area 51 recently, who’s ready to raid it?? More than a million people signed up for the Facebook event Storm Area 51, They Cant Stop All of Us and another million put interested. I mean true they probably wouldn’t be able to stop 2 million of you. Ill give you that. The memes and tweets I’ve been seeing about it are absolutely hilarious but its not all fun and games you guys. Area 51 has been the target of speculation ever since people found out about it. No access, no info, what is going on in there? These are the Top 10 Scary Things The Government Could Be Hiding in Area 51.

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  1. So is Call of Duty Black Ops zombies real because Element 115…….. My God dont study that element!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wait, is this real? Are people actually gonna raid Area 51 or is it some type of meme? I’m confused:P

  3. If people actually show up it won’t be many, but all of this makes me laugh 🤣 great video guys!

  4. Is that a Stranger Things ( or in this case “ting” lol ) T-shirt i see lol 😂😅

  5. I’m shook about number one and here I thought I could have an alien best friend and we go on intergalactic adventures but no the want to smear human pudding on there skin, I’m so sad👽💚😖💔

  6. I think I’m the only one who noticed. They used a Destiny 2 Warlock with Anarchy as their background.

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