Top 10 Scary Things Secretly Living In Your BODY
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The makeup of our bodies are the same, y’know that’s textbook bio, we are all around 60% water, 8% blood etc, that’s the human body. That’s all for today’s bio lesson kids till next time. No but for real, our bodies are the things that carry us through this life yet they are so fragile. Vulnerable to internal dangers and external dangers we really are just walking eggs. Ready to crack at any point. But anyway i took that too far lets forget that and get into the video which has nothing to do with eggs. This is the top 10 Scary Things Secretly Living In Your BODY.

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  1. Why are people sticking animals inside there buttholes like I get it , it feels good but can’t you just get a penis or a giant long dildo or at least a banana lol not a poor animal

  2. This is why I refuse to live too close to the equator for more than a few days. I will stay north of Ohio thank you very much

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