Top 10 Scary Things Secretly Living In Your BODY – Part 2
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Whats going on inside you right now, is your body a temple and the perfect representation of health? Or are you trying to digest an entire sleeve of cookies that you shoved into your face while washing them down with a two liter of milk. Now you’ve got milk farts and your ruining everyone’s day on the subway. It could be either of those or something much more sinister, what if there is a creepy crawly growing inside you right now and you have no idea. Well you guys seem to like the idea of this happening because our first video was so hot that we decided to make a sequel which is top 10 scary things secretly living in your body part 2.

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  1. Che I got to say today’s your day what the hay it just may but in all seriousness you rock totally awesome that you’re a host at most amazing thank you for being you

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