Top 10 Scary Things Found In The Desert
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Desert make up around one third of earths landmass and while when we think of desert we think of the Sahara…sandy places, hot places, fun fact for you…. Antarctica is also considered to be desert! It is the driest continent in the world – very little snow or rain falls…for that reason I have slipped in one truly terrifying thing found in Antarctica on this list and it might actually be the scariest of them all!

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  1. Can you guys use a different soundtrack because I watch these scary videos a lot and I am getting tired of the same song on every video btw this is constructive criticism

  2. I like very hot weather im from the south Tennessee to be exact i loved your video about tn erband legends. Ive love to see more vidoes about tn

  3. Do top 10 scariest things found in school

    P.S. I watch like 5-10 of you scary videos daily keep up the good work!

  4. Hey Rebecca , I love your channel and have been watching for a long time. You are my fav host. PS you are stunning. Keep up the great work. ✌?

  5. I watched and on #10. U said, as 2 other members then it skipped and u said, thanks and then number 9 began

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