Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Ice is often underrated, especially compared to fire. Fire can burn, destroy, renew, and it’s often seen as more powerful. However, ice can also burn, destroy, renew, and even preserve! Perhaps, we’ve been underestimating freezing as a weapon – patent pending. Not everything that’s preserved should be, though, and sometimes, defrosting whatever it is that got caught can turn into a really frightening moment. Like when you defrost your wedding cake after 5 years but you’re no longer married, horrifying! Get ready for
10 Scary Things Found Frozen in Ice!

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  1. Wtf is that thumbnail?!?! Just started the video. Please tell me that’s not real lol.

    Edit: Oh god, it is ?

  2. Can’t say what I wouldn’t want to find but want to find.
    Ancient humans skeletons along with hieroglyphics describing their life and traditions.
    In Antarctica,of course.

  3. Thanks Jim for showing us such Interresting things!! I can show you where you can find lots of meteors where I used to live in Whiting New Jersey.

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