Top 10 Scary Teletubbies Theories
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Tinky winky, dipsy, lala, po. Teletubbies, teletubbies, i dont know the rest of the words but i used to love it when i was a wee little human. But were these colourful chubby smiley creatures really as innocent as they appeared? And is anyone gonna mention how creepy the baby sun was? I’m not saying the baby itself was creepy but the concept was weird. And im about to ruin it for you so lets go, this is the Top 10 Scary Teletubbies Theories.

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  1. I wasn’t really scared of the sun baby I terrified of the little puppet in the house or my memory could be wrong and it was another show… but I remember the puppet man

  2. Telly tubbies was always a little bit weird for because my mum’s cousin had to go to speech therapy because of the show.

  3. I’m officially more freaked out over the Teletubbies and the other things they will call boobahs they were similar and I am more creeped out after watching this video but I love this channel…. They actually did do some kind of pudding or something and I was a kid called Tubby Custard wasn’t that great….

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