Top 10 Scary Teen Convicts And What They Look Like Today
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Top 10 Convicts Who Freaked Out After Given A Life Sentence-

Now going to jail is something all of us hope we never have to do no matter how old we are. Although I’m not sure a 6 year old would even know what going to jail means but just go with it. Going to jail is bad enough but imagine you had to grow up in jail, imagine you were 14 and you were put behind bars for life. That’s just ending your life before it even began right there but that’s the case with alot of people on this list today.

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  1. I am surprised Brenda Spencer didn’t make this list and I am equally surprised there was a great lack of then and now photos.

  2. Hey ifn your gonna give these foolish
    Kids Thierry natural life like Killen n don’t waste my money

  3. Does anyone else think Ayman sounds like Rebecca affecting a different accent, or is it just because I usually listen to the videos instead of watching them? With this, I’d like to say that both ladies, Danny, and Landon all have wonderful speaking voices, though I admit I’m a bit partial to Danny’s and Rebecca’s accents <3

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