Top 10 Scary Subreddits That Will Keep You Up At Night
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Reddit… this is a website on the internet that I know for certain causes sleep deprivation because it’s subreddits are just so addicting. They are guaranteed to keep you up at night because they are just down right terrifying.

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  1. My name is retard I am not too smart but I see the world running for no no no no no from me from now on your name is retarded I’m too smart but I’ll see you while running the Nae

    LOL Using Google talk

  2. Shadow creature sounds like sleep paralysis I get it from time to time and it’s terrifying

  3. I spend a lot of time out in the woods and from time to time (although it’s extremely rare) you can come across a hunter or a hiker, I usually carry a 9mm Taurus or at least always a hunting knife so I don’t get unnerved by seeing people in the woods even met some very odd people but one day about 2 years ago I met a guy that chilled me to the very core, I don’t recall the conversation with him except for a sentence or so, when I got home I completely forgot what he looked like, his face, his hair, everything about him it was like he didn’t exist yet I remember talking to him and never felt so scared in my life, I was paralyzed with fear for a good 10 seconds.

    • Darkness and evil may not be the best terms to use, it was like unchecked power, I was armed but it felt like he could rip me apart.

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