Top 10 Scary Stories Ever Told That Might Be Real – Part 8
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I really feel like you liked the last part of this series so I thought I would bring you back on for part 7. If you guys want to be apart of the next video just leave your comment in the comment section below and also look for this image right here on my instagram @landonproductions and tell me your scary story. I will follow the people I choose to feature in the video.

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  1. I like you guys as a host duo.
    Also in 2012 when I started college my best friend and I were exploring the surrounding towns and stumbled upon an old insane asylum and decided a group of us should explore it. We scouted out entrances and emergency escape routes. The night we decided to explore the abandoned unit we all had a strange guy feeling but ignored it. After about an hr of wandering the 2nd and 3rd floor we decided to go to the basement. As soon as we got down there something felt very off and there were strange noises like growls and someone tapping surfaces 3 times. 3 of the 5 in our group went but upstairs but myself and my bestfriends boyfriend stayed down to explore. We both felt extremely off and made a deal with each other that if something happened we wouldnt leave the other person behind. Apparently I blackes out and disappeared from him and the group found me standing in the edge of the roof overlooking the atrium. It took them about 20 minutes to snap me back to reality and when I came to there was this burning sensation all over my body and we noticed I had some red spots and cuts on my arms and chest. We decided to immediately leave but out of the corner of my eye I saw a dark shadow staring and slowly following us out. I pointed to it and my friend vaulted over the fence and sped away. To top everything off I had just gotten 3 dermal piercings on my cheekbone and as we walked away I felt a sharp tug and 2 of the 3 dermal implants we gone and I was bleeding, I still have scars to this day there. Now everytime I go back to this place I feel like something is calling me to re enter and continue where we left off

  2. Ayman just watching Landon’s hand gestures is just to much i am laughing way to hard at a serious topic video because of this.

  3. Some of these are just stupid. You dont have any better subscriber submissions than these? Most sound like a rambling 9yr old trying to tell a scary story..

  4. Ever sense we moved into my new house we feel like we are being watched, lights and fans will turn on by themselves and sometimes we even see a lady in the hallway, we had a giant flashlight that turned on by itself when we asked for a sign that someone was here jokingly but the light wouldn’t turn off, the second we walked into my mother’s room it emidiatly turned off, we thought that was the end of paranormal activity until my sister, Cayleigh walked into the hallway and was going into her room, my room being right next to hers I expected her to be going into it considering my door slung open, I looked back to see my light turn on when it was off before then the door closing, I asked her what she is doing in my room and she replied from her room I don’t know what you mean I’m otp with my bf in my room, ever sense then we hear giggling from her room and old timey music, we never expected this when we moved here, now everywhere in the house and even outside when we stand in front of windows we have a feeling that someone is watching us, and when we asked our new neighbors about it they told us that an old lady named Mrs. Thomas died in that room 4 years before we lived here. And ever sense we started talking about the old lady and old man in a black hat seems angry looking at us all at once wearing a black hat.

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