Top 10 Scary Stories Ever Told That Might Be Real – Part 7
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Make sure you guys submit your scary story in the comment section of this video or follow me on Instagram @landonproductions and look for this image right here and tell me your scary story. Also stay tune till the end because I am going to be shouting out everyone who said #theend in the previous video. I will have a secret # for you guys to use that will appear in the next video at the end of this video.

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  1. Guys I have a scary story that sends shivers down my mum’s spine so in south bend, IN me and my friends call this TRUE story *the hanger* so one day me and my bffs went to play I was 10 Jake was 12 Lincoln was 12 mason was 9 so in spring 2018 me and them went to play outside so we heard some screams coming from behind my grandmas house, so we went to investigate so we went back and then we saw.. The most horrific thing ever.. A dead body on a chain with a leather strap hanging on a tree, mason got *”scaaaaaaaarrrrrreeeeddddd”* and went back home but the other two and I stayed we found blood *EVERYWHERE* we counted 13 chains that day the next day we went back.. To find the body *GONE* and the chains lowered by *SEVEN* we ran out of the woods and SWORE to*NEVER* tell another *SOUL* about that again (PLEASE PUT THIS IN THE NEXT VIDEO)

  2. So I have a story that I haven’t told many people out of fear…see I lived in a four bedroom house back in Azusa California…I lived with my parents, aunt and uncle, and two younger cousins and a family friend…I had my own room my parents in theirs and cousins/ aunt and uncle stayed in one because of how big the house is, anyway one night I was left home alone with my at the time two year old sister…my mom and dad where at the hospital with my new born sister so no one was home but me, I was in my room playing my Xbox 360 and my sister napping in my parents room, when suddenly I head a crying around 9pm so I headed to go check on her she was asleep but I still heard crying…so I headed to my aunts room to see if my baby cousin who was 1 at the time had been left with me without my knowing….but no I was indeed home alone with my sister after I closed my aunts room the crying stopped…later that night though around 12am I started to hear a marble bouncing on tile floor like in our kitchen the thing is we didn’t own any marbles…then after about 3min of hearing it non stop suddenly the front door opened at it was my parents coming home with my new sister…since then for the rest of the time that we lived there the only thing we would all hear once in a while was marbles….late at night until we got a priest to purify the house….#isthisrealliferightnow so sorry it’s really long.

  3. Hello Landon, my name is Jeremiah from the Philippines. And as a child, i remember seeing or experiencing many differenet paranormal things. From the cat calling ghost in our family house in Manila. To the dwarves in the anthill at my grandfatjer’s house. Til recently when I was an army reserve officer where I have successfully performed an exorcism in one of the cadets. I don’t know what talents or gift I have. But I often would see strange beings and entities. I am a huge fan of the cahnnel. Hope I can tell you one of my stories. Thank you.

  4. I have another scary story so once upon a time II was on the couch and motives were with us and I saw I couldn’t I’m like I can’t move the name when I couldn’t move I saw the Grinch of my eye I saw a slender Man best face going numb story but it’s kind of like a story

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