Top 10 Scary Stories Ever Told – Part 5
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Its time to get scared. If you guys want to be apart of part 6 of scary stories, make sure to send your scary stories to my Instagram. All stories will be picked from my Instagram for part 6.
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  1. Wtf Landon trippin on waving at mirror girl but I am more creeped out with the fact watching Netflix like it’s all good with mirror girl then just heading to bed because its creeps you out???? A) if you aren’t paying rent or at very least throwing in on the Netflix account you close that door mirror girl and B) how you just going to sleep after that?

  2. I have a story i said i make noise when i was laying down when i heard something so i got up and walked out to the kitchen it was about 2am nobody was awake when i got my drink when i heard my gramma i looked in the way where it came from but she was not there

  3. Once my dog was barking at me so I tried to calm her down but as I was calming her down I heard someone or something wisper stay quiet I slowly got my gun and turned around and saw a tall pitch Black man looking at me so I shot my gun (A 9mm Glock) went through him but not killing now he’s bleeding black blood and walking towards me I prayed to God for this to stop when I opened my eyes he was 100% gone I ran out of my room right to the living room nothing happened after that

  4. I used to love baby dolls and I was quite fond of them. When I was around 7 or 8 for Christmas I got this baby doll that would begin you would put a toy milk bottle in its mouth and then when you would take it away he would begin to cry. That was all it could do. I played with it a lot and then it just left it a corner of a shelf and I forgot about it. Two months later I went to play with the doll and it wasn’t working so I put it back on the shelf. Later, I brought it to my older brother who was 9 at the time to help me put new batteries. He said the doll didn’t need new batteries and to show him he was wrong I put the milk bottle in his mouth and it made no noise. I threw a the doll on the floor and the doll began to say mama and dada which was strange because all the doll did was cry. It wouldn’t stop so we threw it out. I am 13 now and I hate dolls and I still won’t be able to forgot what happened and why it happened.

  5. The noise – so all this started when I was 11 ok back to the story so it started happening when I heard taps or something hitting my wall or my door I would always wake up before the sound happens and then my birthday came up and my friend hes like 6 so he got me a Elmo balloon I thought it was nice so we kept it in the living room tied to a chair and always ate night the moonlight would shine on it and nothing else and then que the tapping or banging after we got rid of the balloon my mom asked if my brother woke up at night to play xbox and he said no so she asked me and I said no but right there we here a man or woman running to our room and to this day I still hear tapping .

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