Top 10 Scary Stories Ever Told – Part 4
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Well how’s it going YouTube I am your host for this one Landon Do Not Sing and welcome back to another most amazing top 10 video, make sure you guys stay till the end of this video because I have a crazy story for you. If you want to become apart of the most amazing family here on YouTube hit the subscribe button we are almost at 6 million subscribers.

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    • I’ve have a few creepy stories that have happened to me when I was a child. When I was around the age of 11 or 12 we had this really creepy mailman, who would look through our living room window to see if anyone was home. If he saw me he would tap the window then ring the doorbell. One day I was home alone and he came over dropping off the mail. I had just gotten out of the shower so my hair was wrapped in a towel, I was wearing shorts and a tank top. He handed me the mail and as I was signing for a package my dad had ordered he started asking some very weird questions. At first he asked how I was and then he asked if he interrupted my shower. I said no and didn’t think to much of it at first but I couldn’t deny this feeling telling me something wasn’t right but still tried to be nice. He said “you are a very pretty little girl, I bet lots of boys like you. You must get asked out a lot huh? Do you have a boyfriend?” At this I was very creeped out, I said no and he said “ that’s a real shame if I was younger I would ask you out.” Then he asked if I was home alone, I replied with “no my sister is upstairs and my dad is in his computer room.” I of course lied, I simply didn’t feel safe and I purposely stayed behind the door so if I had to I could shut the door and lock it. After he had finally left I locked the doors and waited for my parents to get off of work. Another creepy story I have is about the house I grew up in, to this day I still get creeped out just by looking at it. I remember when my sister was going to college in a town an hour away from where we live. She would come home on Friday and leave for school on Sunday, this was before she gotten a car so my parents would drive her back and forth. I hated going with them when they would drop her off cuz it would be midnight or later when we got back and I would have school the next day so I decided to just stay home. Well one night I was home and I was watching TV, everything was fine at first but after awhile I heard a noise, so I muted the TV and that’s when I heard it. I heard footsteps upstairs, I didn’t think to much of it, I simply thought my sister forgot something but when I looked outside I didn’t see my folks or the car. But I shrugged it off and went upstairs, about half way up I shouted at my sister asking if she forgotten something and if she needed help looking for it. The footsteps stopped and no reply, after waiting a minute or so I went up to look for her. She wasn’t in her room or anywhere, I was completely by myself and I started freaking out so I rushed downstairs and locked both doors, stayed in the living room with all the lights on, close to the phone and by the door with a broom. Let’s just say I didn’t get any sleep that night not even when my parents got home. They didn’t believe me when I told them, they just thought it was my imagination but to this day I remember it very clearly and it still creeps me out. Also One day my mom asked me to go down our basement to get the laundry. I got the laundry and was bringing it up, remind you I was the only one down there and just as I reach up for the door to leave the basement, I heard a voice whisper “Hey” in my ear and felt a cold breeze blow my hair like it would if someone was actually behind me whispering. I freaked out and ran out of the basement not looking back. Another time something happened. It was summer before I started the 8th grade. I had a friend come over and it was the time after my sister had moved out so I was showing the upstairs to my friend when we both heard a voice that sounded like it was moaning in pain it freaked us out as we were the only two up there. The upstairs grew freezing cold which didn’t make sense because it was summer and the air conditioning upstairs didn’t work. Then we looked in the closet window of the extra room that we used as a store room and saw two glowing red eyes then we heard a loud growl. Scared we both ran down the stairs, as I was about to make a run for the stairs I heard a angry whisper shout saying get out. Another freaky thing that happened once, I was home alone and upstairs in my sister’s old room watching movies and from the corner of my eye I saw a black thing fly by, I got freaked out, paused the movie and ran downstairs as fast as I could. I called my mom and told her what happened. She sent a family friend over to see what the problem was. Turned out some how a crow got in and was flying around upstairs. He tried to get it out the upstairs window but it got stuck in between the glass where it died and stayed. These stories are very real and have happened to me.

    • When I was 10 I would always go to my grandmother house on weekends. One Saturday I was getting ready to take a shower. When I walked in to the bathroom I saw a woman standing there. It looked she was cradling a baby. When I saw her I ran into the kitchen where my sister and grandmother was and told the what i had saw. They thought i was just seeing things and told me to take my shower. When I got in the shower I could sense some there. When I peeked out of the shower I saw a glimpse of a woman with black hair with a white dress cradling a baby that wasn’t there. When I saw her i got out of the shower as fast as I could. The next day my sister and I went home (we stayed with our mom on weekdays for school). I told my mom about what had happened. She replied with a story about when she was little she had saw the same woman. She said she was sitting in the bathtub with the door open when she saw a woman walk past the door. The bathroom was inside a her room the she walked was towards a window that wouldn’t open. My mom then got out and looked out of the door. When saw nothing she thought she was just seeing things. Later that night I had a dream about the same woman. She was just standing there. When I woke up I told no one about the dream. Its been about 4 years now and I still see this woman and have the same recurring dream about her.

  1. My parents own a house in Mexico but my family lives in the US. This is not a tourist part of Mexico. I went to visit my family in Mexico and I stayed in my grandmother’s house. My cousin and I decided we wanted to go spend the night at my parent’s house, even though no one has lived there in 15 years. The walls were made of cement bricks and the roof was made of aluminum. There are stories of witches in that part of Mexico, and it is said that they come to take children who are unsupervised by their parents. My parents were not happy at the idea that my cousin and I wanted to spend the night alone in the house, so they had my aunt also stay the night with us. Everything was going fine and nothing was out of the ordinary until we went to sleep. In my sleep I dreamt I was in bed and I heard sounds of scratching and tapping on aluminum. When I woke up I didn’t think anything of it, and I brushed it off as a weird dream. The next day around noon my cousin and I went walking to a store. On the way there she told me that the previous night while we were asleep my aunt woke up to the sounds of someone or something on the roof tapping and scratching the roof, then she heard a chuckle. She didn’t wake us up because she didn’t want us to be scared. We thought one of our cousins or a neighbor was trying to scare us, until we looked around and realized there was no way for anyone to get on the roof. And to this day my cousin and I believe that it was a witch, and we wonder what might’ve happened if my aunt wasn’t there with us

  2. Sorry that mine is short but it is one that I still think of so here I go: one day I was at my dads house and I thought I saw something in the corner but when my younger brother turned the light on I saw nothing and he did not believe me he turned the light off and I saw red eyes show up at the foot of the bed like it was under it then I went to sleep but a few hours later a piece of popcorn ceiling fell on me and it was on the ceiling then dropped but it disappeared I was never able to sleep there again

  3. In certain parts of Mexico there are people dressed up as clowns at markets and such. It is said that those people try to lure kids away from their family and kidnap them then murder them. So all the moms and grandmothers hold on tight to their children when in the market. When I was 7 I went to Mexico to visit my family. I was at the market with my grandmother and as every other grandmother there, she was holding onto me tight. But in that part of Mexico everyone knows everyone. Word passed around that I had come to visit, and I came from the US. Everything was fine until we got on the bus. My grandmother and I sat down on the bus, and i was sitting by the aisle. I was looking at a toy i had gotten when i looked up and noticed a clown had gone on the bus. He looked at me as he walked by and it sent chills down my spine. My grandmother grabbed onto my shirt so tight that when i looked down her knuckles had turned white. She never loosened her grip the entire ride. I was scared stiff, too scared to look back. People were yelling at the clown to get off the bus, but he said that all he wanted was a hug. When we got off my grandmother told me to not worry, but to walk quickly. I had thought the clown stayed on the bus but when I looked back I saw it. The clown walking slowly behind us. I started crying and my grandmother told me that everything would be fine. We walked by a family friend and told him what was happening. We walked with him until we lost the clown somewhere. This isn’t supernatural or anything but one of my most horrifying experiences.

  4. It not scary for me, but I’m the youngest and my brother and I were upstairs when we hard my sister scream. We ran downstairs and there was a big spider. I was scared of spiders at the time but my brother and sister were more scared so I killed it.

  5. My scary story, I’ll call: *that night*

    This happened about less then a year ago. My friend had come over for a sleep over one weekend. She had brought over an ouija board in her bag. We decided to play at first that night but first put some salt on the head & a cross at the bottom of the board for safe keeping. Then my mother made a circle with some lights around us as a barrier for the spirit, to close it or open it, we had to slam our hand down outside the circle & say a chant.(my mother & I are wiccans) We did all this & started to play, at first, we all knew my little brother was just trying to trick us so we did goodbye & yelled at my brother to go to his room after he started to throw a fit about us stopping. My brother left the room & my friend & I looked at each other. We shrug & get down on our stomachs. I forgot to close the barrier so nothing would randomly come out. We hover our fingers over the board & started to play again, both of us weren’t touching as it moved around. We did this for about an hour, talking to this spirit. After a bit, I asked, “Is there any other spirits here?” It moved to Yes. My friend asked, “Do you follow one of us around?” It said yes. I asked, “Who?” It spelt out my name, I got scared then asked it’s name. It then started to go to random letters, I knew that this was a dangerous sign of trying to get out so we immediately said goodbye. I slam my hand down, did the chant & we cleaned up. We went to my mom & told her about the letters but, she was half asleep sense it was about midnight. She just shrugged it off & went to bed. We looked at each other & sigh. We go to my room. I left my bedroom door open, the door would go into my room if opened & i could see if anyone was behind it if trying to scare me. My friend & I sit on my bed & started to talk. My door slammed shut all of a sudden. Full force. I went to check if my window was open, it wasn’t. I knew it couldn’t be the air conditioner sense it’s broken in my room so we both started to freak out. I slowly made it out of my room into the kitchen & got a glass of salt water. I ran back to my room & placed it next to my bed. We didn’t sleep that night & didn’t tell anyone about that situation, & I never told her that, it was all my fault a spirit was out.

  6. II love your channel, keep up the excellent work. The story I’m about to relate is a 100% true and happened when I was growing up.

    I grew up in a ranch-style, single-family home on a quarter-acre lot, in a quiet, rural town in New England. The bedroom my sister and I shared had two 54-inch tall windows and from outside the sill was over 3 1/2 feet off the ground. We slept in a bunk bed.

    It was summer, hazy, hot and humid. At the time, we did not have air conditioning. The windows were kept open to let in the breeze. My sister was sitting at the head of my bed. She was reading a story when I suddenly felt Icy cold.
    I felt I had to look out the window, but I did not want to. I could not believe what I was seeing. There were glowing red eyes, staring in at me. I tried to, but I could not look away. The eyes were about 2 feet up from the windowsill. They were staring at me. I get chills just remembering this. It took, what seemed forever to tear my gaze away. When I did, I rushed to the head of the bed and told my sister to look out the window. When she finally did, the eyes were gone.

    Sometime later, I had finally gotten my room. It is a mirror image of my sister, and I’s shared room. Late one night after having moved into it, I felt a presence. Across from my window (approx. six feet away), there was a woodpile. Sitting on top of it was a huge, white-colored apparition. It had long limbs and glowing red eyes. It was staring in at me. After what seemed forever, I tore my gaze away from it and hid under the covers until morning. My mother found me like that, under the sheet and coverlet.

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