Top 10 Scary Sounds Heard On A Baby Monitor
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This Scary Top 10 List ranks what we hold dearest to ourselves. Our babies and their security. But what if the very thing that is protecting them is also showing how in danger they are. Is Ignorance bliss? Will you be getting a baby monitor after this list on Most Amazing Top 10.

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  1. I’m a mother & I’ve never used a baby monitor because I’ve heard so many scary stuff about them!

  2. 7:00 I saw this one on a science show and it’s because the baby’s adrenaline kicked in and he was really upset so he balanced. Plain and simple

  3. Nuber nine is scary but hopefully the baby wanted to play on its baby piano at midnight u know those things right????

  4. Me: “this shouldn’t be scary at all. I’m not scared of anything!!!”
    **I watch the video**

  5. I’ve seen #4 before, it looks to me like the baby was thrown down by something, luckily it fell into the bed.

    I think the baby was pushed by something.
    Adults would even have trouble holding there balance like that

    #2 sounds like crossover from a trucker or cop even a cb

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