Top 10 Scary Small Town Secrets
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So im personally not from a small town and I’ve never lived in one,so i never had the whole i know every family in town dynamic it was more like i was a small irrelevant blip in the millions of people in my city. But honestly i hear in small towns there may be less to do but they are juicy. How many TV shows are out there that center around scandalous small towns its definitely a thing you guys. So lets get into it. This is the Top 10 Scary Small Town Secrets.

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  1. I live in a small town and we have one of the country’s most haunted cemeteries – “mouth cemetery” in Michigan. We have a lot of suspicion around wendigos because of all the “drownings” in duck lake, the lake is a max of 40 ft deep and I’m taping like probably doesn’t even reach 30 feet, and when they dredged the bottom for some of the bodies they never found some of them. We also have lots of drug involved murder and people getting hit by cars as well as an extremely high suicide rate because the kids are so awful to eachother. This used to be such a safe happy town but now I see it for how dark it truly is.

  2. Im a guy ,but “Injust a small town girl, livin’ in a lonely world she took the midnight train goin’ ANYWHERE. ….”

  3. I live in a town were is close to my school when I was in school in the park playing with my bff I heard gunshots so we got in early and had a lockdown not a drill

  4. It’s funny that number 7 is fort Riley I lived there in the late 80 early 90s and it was kind of creepy the towns surrounding the base are very creepy especially where Milford lake is at

  5. This isn’t much of a secret, but there’s this thing where I live called the Crossett Light. I don’t remember where it’s located in Crossett, but they say that many years ago, there was a man coming home to see his wife from work. He was riding on the train, and always looked outside to jump off and meet his wife. One night, the man jumped off and something happened in which his head was severed from his body, and his head was never found. People here in Crossett now say that the ghost of the man’s wife is a glowing orb who has been searching for her husband’s head.

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