Top 10 Scary Skydiving Videos Caught On Camera
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Is this real life right now? Has that guy gone mad? What do you mean your not going to need your parachute. What are you going to do belly flop to the ground? This guy is well above the clouds, also that first video was absolutely terrifying.The woman actually feel out of her parachute. I have jumped out of a plane before and I actually really enjoyed it. I love the fear and I would for sure do it again although after doing the re-search for this video I might want to reconsider.

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  1. #7 was probably the G force being too strong for his body not being used to it and he lacked the oxygen needed to stay conscious.

  2. My girlfriend knew someone who went skydiving for the first time on their 18th birthday. There were high winds that day and he started to spin out of control on his decent and plop. Talk about a crazy 18th birthday. He did die though.

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