Top 10 Scary Shortcuts You Should Never Take
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Now im all for shortcuts, i take the shadiest path to the subway station every morning on my way to work and i may get stared down by multiple weirdos on the way but it does save me at least 7 minutes. And in the morning? Those 7 minutes are precious people. But ask me if i would take that shortcut at 11- 12 pm my answer would 100% be no. but some people are a lot more ballsy and daring than me so on that note, these are the top 10 Scary Shortcuts You Should Never Take.

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  1. Ayman it is best to take that short cut at 11pn & 12am. But not a 3am when evil it at its strongest so they say! Don’t beep her out because that is censorship which I hate. Besides everybody knows what the word was. The man with the Riptide shortcut. What an idiot!

  2. LOL Aman you crack me up! Love your story telling! Dudes floating at sea like, imma bout 2 die, but first, #selfie bahahaha!

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