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Even though we know its bad we still choose to consume it uncontrollably. Of course I’m talking about McDonald’s but I could be talking about booze or drugs or trash reality TV. McDonald s represents themselves as this happy family friend restaurant with colorful mascots and toys to give out to kids. But really they are slaughtering millions of animals, one of the world’s biggest polluters and secretly putting a bunch of chemicals in your food. So today were going to pull back the curtain on the clown faced criminals with today’s list of Top 10 Scary Secrets McDonald’s Doesn’t want you to know.

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  1. Whats sadder is that all of this is true for nearly all non organic food products in stores.

  2. I used to watch bizarre foods when I’d do shifts at the firestation. Ppl eat Tarantulas with chicken soup powder on them. I’ll gladly eat McDonalds over that anyday bc what I dont know might kill me but so will everything else. I prefer Wendy’s tho bc the Asiago ranch chicken sammich with spicy chicken is my favorite

  3. Fast food jobs are supposed to be starter jobs for kids or filler jobs for retirees, for the most part and not supposed to be a career choice.
    That’s why the food is so cheap.

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