Top 10 Scary Secrets Big Companies Don’t Want you to Know
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Everyone watching this video probably has some sort of brand loyalty. Stuff like only wear certain designer clothes or some people refuse to use and computer products that aren’t apple even though they do things like a release a one thousand dollar stand for you monitor. You could literally get two PlayStation 4 god of war bundles and then have some change left over to go to five guys. But today were going to shine a light on the darker side of the brand you hold so near and dear to your heart. So put your wallet away for today’s list of top 10 scary secrets big companies don’t want you to know.

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  1. Y’all should check out Walmart and how they treat their employees this is ongoing too they get worse every year

  2. We need to look into Johnson&Johnson and who came up with the “No More Tears” line because they lied.

  3. 1:05 – When you say Mario is “a hard-working family man”, do you mean he actually has a wife and kids? I know he has a brother. I was under the impression that he’s in love with Princess Peach. Is he planning to marry her and start a family once he rescues her from… whatever he’s rescuing her from? (I’ve never actually played the game, as you can probably tell.)
    3:56 – “I think we should do a top 10 list of companies that are actually nice and don’t try to ruin everyone’s lives.” *YES!!!* You should! Please do that!!
    My God, these stories are horrifying! I feel like I can never eat a Nestlie’s Crunch bar or a banana again!

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